Are these bars too weird for you?

It’s time to scope out some of the weirdest bars found all over the world. There are incredible experiences waiting for people who arrive on location to try something different. People always want to learn about popular new bars that are just waiting for them to experience. That could be the best thing that people could find along the way, however there are some bars that take the guest on a path that goes slightly sideways. Are you prepared?

the-lovecraft-bar-in-portland5. The Lovecraft Bar

Portland, OR -features a bar that is dedicated to the writer himself. H.P. Lovecraft was a not-so-famous horror author who somehow has legions of fans that have emerged over the last two decades. His books are legendary and the bar pays homage to him with a theme similar to the Tim Burton comic-gothic style. Expect to see burlesque shows and dance routines that are choreographed to fit the books he once wrote. Patrons always seem to remember his dedicated performances that people want to see take place there.

4. The Airplane Restaurant

Colorado Springs, CO -is home to a special bar unlike any other out there. The airplane restaurant features a life-size decommissioned U.S. aircraft. Patrons can get inside and order anything that they want off of the menu. Expect to dine on American fare and enjoy the experience inside the Boeing KC-97. The airplane is worthwhile and people want to see how the experience works on the whole. Staff members are pleased with the upcoming experiences that await people inside and dress their part appropriately in vintage staff costume. The air themed decor and other details are being arranged in ways that appeal to people there.

3. Minus 5 Ice Bar

Minus 5 actually has many locations across the USA, including both New York and Florida. The theme is clear and people want to give this themed Ice Bar a try for themselves. The restaurant showcases incredible new details and will serve up great drinks too. People can put in a special request and bring their fans along for the experience. The staff will wear costumes that exude the right style. Enjoy the immersive ice cold experience and have fun along the way too. That will make for a great night out with friends -if they can stand the cold...

2. Rusty Mullet

Los Angeles is home to the Rusty Mullet, which takes an ironic stance on white trash fashion. The Rusty Mullet is popular and the employees want to give that service some real justice to this 80’s movement. The location has built up a reputation for being a popular place for groups of glam rock fans. Photo opportunities are abound and people want to enjoy the experience as authentic as it gets. Look for their signature 80's music night and beach photo sessions as well. It proves that the Rusty Mullet really can succeed in the Los Angeles nightlife arena. As far a concept theme bars- Rusty Mullet delivers the goods in all its’ regalia.

1. Gwar Bar

Richmond, VA pays homage to the heavy metal band GWAR. That band become infamous during the 1990's and wants to continue on with their legacy in the form of a themed bar that pays tribute to the wackiest comical horror metal bands of all time. Learn a little about the band itself and what influences came from them upon any visit. Their sound and style are certainly unique for fans everywhere. People converge on the city just to see what the band is up to these days. If you thought that GWAR was just a band- check out the slew of products they sell including craft beer to e-liquids for vaping.