Check out these incredible themed pubs!

Can you imagine yourself drinking a beer in the middle of a ritual for vampires, or enjoying a drink after catching one of the most wanted villains on the planet? These kinds of pubs exist throughout the world, and many of them have become famous, thanks to the originality of their decoration, or the theme they represent. Here we will tell you some of the most exciting sights you've never seen before:

The Edison

the-edison-pubLocated but where else- in Los Angeles! The Edison is a themed bar taking on a major cinematic role that houses itself within an actual retired Power Plant that have been restored like new, with a very collective Steampunk feeling to it. Talk about pulling out all the stops- they have an excellent service bar and cigar lounge and entertainment too boot. Complete with the 1920’s décor and real machinery placed everywhere, you might think you’ve stepped into onto a movie set with the creative and dramatic industrial theme lighting.

Safe House

The name is House... Safehouse. The perfect place for agent lovers has two locations: One in Milwaukee and another in Chicago. It is an entirely thematic bar, in which you can imagine yourself as a secret agent of the CIA, the Ml6 and any other international agency. Drinks are not only delicious here, so is the food, and of course, every agent must feed well after a dangerous mission.

The Smugglers Cove

The perfect place to hide behind a big robbery. This themed bar located in Liverpool, makes you feel like a thief who got away with the money and wants to buy and buy all kinds of drinks or just spend an unforgettable night. Do not forget to hide your treasure well, because inevitably you will meet another thief who will seek to take it from you and will become the most successful of the night. Among the lot of Brit themed bars- they did an outstanding job with realistic mind-bending props all over the place. You won’t be bored here!

H.R. Giger Museum Bar

In the Swiss territory, there are the remains of an extraterrestrial ship that brought with it -one of the most deadliest species in the universe. This is an exclusive bar for fans of the "Alien" movie series, which revolutionized science fiction and gave us another way to watch horror movies. The Alien can emerge at any time, but don’t expect to find a chestburster cocktail. The Giger Bar is for serious fans who come to appreciate the beauty of HR Giger’s work and his sense of designing architecture.


You know what name you have to say three times in front of the mirror to get in, right? Tim Burton would feel like a fish in water at this place, a bar located in Los Angeles, which will keep you immersed in his essential cult film of recent decades. Here the drinks are just as extravagant, and you will enjoy meeting celeb look-a-likes such as Willy Wonka or Edward Scissorhands on occasions to add to your Facebook or Snapchat profile pic of the hour.

Ninja Akasaka

Here you must enter in silence and stay alert because you do not know where the enemy will come from. If you are a lover of culture and ninja tradition, Tokyo has the perfect bar for you, it is a place set in this popular culture, and where you can have a drink of sake or any beverage you love. They went over the top to make this bar into a very realistic theme including winding Japanese alleys with decorated houses positioned on each side and little seating areas within that from the outside look like a training Dojo, holding cells or even secret bedrooms.

If you like to travel the world in search of those exclusive themed bars, these are some options that you should certainly add to your bucket list, and while there will always be a themed bar or restaurant somewhere- these especially will leave an impression that lasts a lifetime!