Pick your poison - 7 of the greatest mixed drinks of 2018

Mixers are an amazing way to explore the world of alcohol without going directly for the hard-hitting stuff. It allows the drinker to enjoy the subtler flavors and enjoyable taste variations of each uniquely individual blend. So here are the top picks for best alcoholic blended drinks of the year. You can learn to create these delicious cocktails within a few minutes! But don’t get mistaken - just because they seem easy to make, that doesn’t mean they don’t sell well. Some of these cocktails are the most beloved alcoholic beverages of hotels and “free drinks” of casinos as part of their line of free or heavily discounted promotions. Just like a welcome bonus that even a resorts online casino would be genuinely promoting.

perfect-strawberry-mojito-summer-cocktailHigher than high

In case you’ve always craved a cocktail with an extra bit of mellow to it, Gracias Madre, a vegetarian Mexican restaurant, offer CBD-laced cocktails (not to be confused with THC-laced), but rather for the cannabis connoisseur. You read correctly. Their ‘Stoned Fruit’ drink is a pioneer in the marijuana mixed drinks category and promises a sensation of fruity, tropical flavors as well as an overall interesting experience. You will find this delightful drink in one of the few countries where recreational marijuana use is legal, but its doubtful if your local dive bar will have this on its menu.

Don’t give up the goose

Fermented foods have been all the rage in recent health trends. In keeping with this new fad Chauhan Ale & Masala House have brought us the Fermented Gooseberry Cocktail. A well-balanced combination of sweet and acidic, this extraordinary cocktail will leave you feeling healthier from the first sip.

To Gin or not to Gin

Craft gin has taken the world by storm, replacing the previous homebrewer’s beer experiments with something a little more sophisticated and stiff upper lip-ish, all in the realm of the millennial wasteland who discovered that nobody ever touches Gin except James Bond and 1920’s Flappers… The gin revolution is definitely in full swing at The Varnish in Los Angeles is one of the main instigators. Keeping up with cool trends, they offer an alternative choice called Bartenders Choice, it’s sure to turn the heads of curious drinkers. Keep in mind this is the same city that also instigated the Swing, Ska and Nu Metal music like: Korn… Just a thought.

summer-cocktailsl was in the neighborhood

NYC’s the place to be, even more so Emily West Village. The savory and sweet blend of the Pardy Hardy, a great blend of tequila, cilantro and lime will keep you going all day, combining well with pizza, Mexican food and, well, anything your heart desires. This may have something to do with the ingenuity of the drink’s creator, who strains a roasted spicy salsa into the cocktail to give it extra flavor.

Something for the ladies

The Champagne Fizzer has remained a go-to favorite among day drinkers and all-nighters alike. An elegant drink that’s not your average tall drink of water, this simple sip combines champagne or sparkling wine with juice, usually of the berry variety, to create a delightful and bubbly experience. A flower unlike any other In keeping with the growing interest of weird and wonderful new plant and flower-based flavors, rose hip has been on the rise. Dozens of recipe variations can be found at many respectable establishments. The heady bouquet of rose hip cordial belies its subtle and smooth taste and a lovely aroma can be found in cocktails such as Flower Power and Ruby Mule alike.

Not your grandmother’s cocktail

Another new flower-infused favorite as far as blended drink ingredient go is elderflower. This elegant and rich green taste is not for everyone, but once contact has been made, you will be left wanting more. It is favored for various cocktails as a new take on old classics such as the Mojito.