The top 10 bars from around the world

In no particular order, the list below presents you with some of the best bars in the world. If you ever find yourself in any of the specified cities, be sure to check these bars out. Not only are they serving drinks, but they are also serving food and sometimes other services too!

Linje Tio

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Linje Tio is the premier bar to visit in Stockholm. The bar's decor is inspired by middle eastern and south European roots. A mixture of rural and urban sophistication. The moment you enter its doors, you get the feeling that you are about to have the time of your life and it's quality cocktails and wines deliver that feeling. Another exciting fact about Linje Tio is that it makes part of Tjopet, a four-in-one joint that is a bar, restaurant, wine bar, and barbershop. Go figure!

Happiness Forgets

Located in London, Happiness Forgets is a chic and exotic bar whose poetic name speaks volumes about what you should expect as go down the flight of stairs that lead to its basement venue. The Happiness Forgets decor is mesmerizing and only it's cocktails beat that beauty. They are slick, elegant and high-end with all the no-frills effort going into their cocktails.

Floreria Atlantico

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Floreria Atlantico drinks represent the rich history of Argentina and the diversity of its people. From the English and Dutch gins to the Cuban rum, every drink has a history. A history that begins in the 19th century with people who immigrated to Argentina from countries like ltaly, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Peru, Russia, and Cuba.

employees-only-nycEmployees Only

Located in New York City Employees Only is a vibrant bar that attracts both tourists and locals in numbers. It is famous for its innovative drinks and food. From its unique Manhattan to its adapted ginger smash also called the Amelia. It also serves delicious food including hand cut steak tartare, skate paprikas, and bone marrow Poppers. If you enjoy an authentic NYC diner feeling crossed with a fully stocked bar- this is the joint to visit!

Black Pearl

Located in Melbourne, Australia Black Pearl is an industry legend that has been in the cocktail business for 15 years. It is a neighborhood bar embedded in the heart of Fitzroy Street, Melbourne. Famed for its mind-blowing in-house cocktails, Black Pearl also has an attic where food is served together with cocktails from Thursday to Saturday. Additionally, in case you get to sit bar side, expect a good conversation from the charming and down-to-earth bartenders.

Lobster Bar and Grill

Located in Shangri-La, Hong Kong, Lobster Bar is an elegant bar that offers a sense of calm away from hectic Hong Kong. lts drinks can be best described as therapeutic. A combination of the past, present, and future. It provides the perfect setting for an enjoyable evening or night or whatever time of the day you find yourself at its doors.

Licoreria Limantour

Located in Mexico City, Licoreria Limantour is a lively bar usually packed with locals and tourists. It offers impressively crafted cocktails that have those who taste them come back often. It also has an enthusiastic team of bartenders who are committed to their craft and satisfying cocktail lovers with their custom cocktails.

singapore-best-bars28 Hong Kong Street

Located in Singapore, 28 Hong Kong speaks volumes about Singaporeans love for drinking. It is a chill place that will have you enjoying your drink while listening to either hip-hop or jazz. This bar is low lit and serves some really awesome original cocktails, unique to the bar alone. And while you enjoy your cocktail, you can also chew on bar snacks like the mac n cheese balls.

The Clumsies

Located in Athens, Greece The Clumsies is home to those who love to chill, dance, and drink. It has a long bar where you can lounge, a number of rooms just to chill, and a private room where you can play pool. It is a pretty cool place specially designed to attract young people. Actually ranking #6 on the top 50 bars in the world- at least there is one thing in Athens that takes work serious for the thirsty bar enthusiast.

The Gin Bar

Located in Capetown, South Africa, The Gin Bar serves cocktails that are gin-based. It's not an easy place to find but with its growing popularity in Capetown, it's almost impossible to find anyone who loves drinking that doesn't know how to find it. A bit small for most local pubs but well worth the visit if you like a bit of gin with a twist.